Practicing Law in Sweden

In Sweden, unlike many other countries, there is no such thing as a "lawyers monopoly" for practicing law. Thus, anyone who feels apt to practice law may also do so, with or without a law degree, in court as well as outside. Although the Swedish system on its surface seems lax, the reality is the opposite. The predominant majority of law practitioners are accredited lawyers, known as “Advokat”. And even if the title does not entitle to any substantial statutory...

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Though Swedish is clearly the first language of Lund (after all, we are in Sweden), English has always been the lingua franca of the non-Swedish academic community. This is why The English International Association of Lund publishes this newsletter with tips and information for readers in English. Readers, probona article and opinions are welcome. Send an inquiry to We publish articles in Swedish or English and have a website: Volunteers Welcome.

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